Yanagiba in CPM154 and African Blackwood

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 Custom Cutlery

Kitchen Cutlery

I make a wide range of kitchen knives, from the classic French chef

Powerline Series
I am calling my first run of kitchen knives my "Powerline" series (named after a wall at Smith Rock). This set consists of a 7.5" chef knife and matching 3.5" paring knife. These blades are light, slender and thin. They are the perfect pair for use in the home kitchen. The handle and blade spine are comfortably contoured to reduce fatigue during long hours in the kitchen. The blade is ground extremely thin at the edge for ease of cutting, while the spine is left thicker with a distal taper for stiffness. I will be including a stand with the purchase of a complete pair.

I chose CPM M4 as the blade steel for this first batch. This modern tool steel has unparalleled abrasion resistance while retaining good toughness. The result is a very thin and keen edge that slices effortlessly. Handle materials will be a variety of stabilized and natural woods as well as synthetic laminates. This first run will only be six sets and pricing for each set will be around $400 (depending on handle material). These knives are getting finished up right now. Keep checking for photo updates and availability.

        Powerline Chef in stabilized amboyna burl (this one has a shortened handle)                             Relic utility


I specialize in unique fixed blade and folding razors. These blades are available in a variety of grinds and styles: asymmetrical kamisori, hollow-ground fixed blades, hybrid folders an more.
I prefer to use 52100 high-carbon alloy and CPM154 stainless, for their superior edge-quality characteristics.

Pricing for a custom razor starts at $200 for a simple "kamisori style" blade.

             A pair of razors. Handles are "lightning strike" carbon fiber and musk ox horn.

Every Day Carry

       I have teamed up with my mother, Kathleen Dobson, to make comfortable and useful EDC blades. I do the blade work, and she makes the sheaths entirely by hand.

           Arete EDC with blue linen micarta and ostrich inlay                                          Sgain Dubh with ebony and alligator inlay

More Photos


         Powerline Paring in stabilized amboyna

        Sashimi knife in CPM 154 and desert ironwood

          Razor close-up
                                                                                                                              Alpha fixed-blade razor



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