Hinderer XM-18 with cocobolo burl scale

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 Knife Handles

Customize the handle of your favorite knife. You can choose from a variety of unique hardwoods or high-quality synthetic laminates. The knives listed are most of the models I've worked with so far; if your knife is not on the list, ask me and we'll find out if it's possible for me to do. I only have working templates of a couple models (RAM and Groove), all others will require that you send me your knife to ensure a proper fit.

This is the basic price list for custom scales. The base price takes into account labor and the cost of some basic materials. If you want anything fancy, rare woods, mosaic pins, time-consuming sculpting, it will be extra.

Note: I'm working hard on perfecting handles for Benchmade axis lock knives. I'm not happy with the efficiency of the process right now, but I hope to have things figured out soon.

Base Prices:

$35 -
Kershaw RAM, Groove, Benchmade Apparition, many fixed blades

$40 - Kershaw Zing,
Kershaw Skyline, OD-1, Junkyard Dog II, Spyderco Chinook

$45 - ZT 0200, Kershaw Needs Work

$50 - Kershaw Speed/Spec Bump, G10 Tyrade, ZT 0350, ZT 0300, Spyderco (mini)Persian, various Emerson folders

$60 -
Kershaw Offset

Handle Materials:

I work with a wide variety of exotic/domestic timbers and synthetic laminates. I will work with you to select the material that is best for you. There's a huge variation in quality and price even among the same wood species. I search extensively for the best lumber I can find. A lot of it comes from the musical instrument industry. Guitar and woodwind manufacturers end up with a great deal of high quality material that is too small for their uses. I am able to use these leftovers and pass the savings on to my customers.

The pricing is based on a relatively small knife (like the Kershaw RAM). Material cost on larger knives will be proportionately higher.

Available Materials:

Click here for up to date photos of available stabilized woods


Cocobolo $0-$5 extra - Very dense and durable with a dark red color. Resistant to repeated washing.
African Blackwood $5-$10 extra - Extremely durable and almost free from pores. Dark gray with excellent chatoyancy.
Bois de Rose - The color of dark red wine. Oily and smooth.
Honduras Rosewood - An attractive reddish brown. Smells like green apples.
Panama Rosewood - Lighter in color and weight than most rosewoods. Distinct straight grain.
Tulipwood $5 extra - Light yellow with pinkish streaks. Good chatoyancy.
East Indian Rosewood - Dark, rich brown color. (I have a new piece with lots of color and figure)
Camatillo  - Almost purple in color.
Kingwood - Straight purple and black grain.
Palisander - Very similar to the now endangered Brazilian rosewood. (out of stock)
Voamboana $5 extra - A rare rosewood from Madagascar; dark, rich grain.


Gabon Ebony $5 extra - Fine-grained and black also called Nigerian ebony.
Madagascar Ebony $5 extra - Jet black with distinctive pore structure (very similar to Gabon ebony).
Asian Striped Ebony $5 extra - Red and black streaks. End-grain looks like marble cake.
Asian Ebony - I think this stuff is different. It has green-gray and black streaks.
Macassar Ebony - Streaked red and black with gray sapwood.


Amboyna $10-$15 extra, and up - From the Narra tree in SE Asia, it is orange to red, and very dense for a burl.
Thuya $5-$15 extra - Dug up in the Atlas Mtns of Morocco, this burl is an attractive golden color with dark burl-eyes.
Camphor $0-$5 extra - A stable burl. Color varies from reddish-brown to scarlet. Very fragrant
Jarrah burl $5 extra - Dark red and commonly full of large voids. A type of eucalyptus popular for turned vessels.
Dense redwood burl $20 extra - Beautiful material cut in the 1940s
Stabilized buckeye burl $10 extra - interesting bluish color.


Desert Ironwood $5-$25 extra, and up - Very hard and heavy with a beautiful chatoyance. Understandably popular.
Pink Ivory $5-$15 extra - It's pink; it's also very dense and durable and takes a good polish.
Koa $10 extra - Chatoyant Hawaiian hardwood; honey-colored.
Pernambucco - Prized for making violin bows, it is bright orange in color. Very Rare.
Snakewood $5-$25 extra, and up - Distinctive figure and mirror-smooth polish. One of the densest and rarest woods.
Ziricote $5 extra - Famous for its "landscape" figuring. Dense and oily.
Bocote - Striking high-contrast grain. Very tough.
Cocuswood $5 extra - Dense, smooth, and durable. Nice brown color with striking chatoyancy on the radial surfaces.
Bubinga $0-$5 extra - Also called African rosewood. Reddish, often with striking figure.
Olive - Beautiful varigated surface. Durable and lightweight, it takes an attractive patina with age.
Teak - Striking curly figure. Lightweight but durable.
Mesquite - Very tight curl. Very stable and lightweight.
Verawood - A close relative of Lignum Vitae. Very tough, oily and dense. A greenish color with "herringbone" grain.


G10 $5 - Black, orange, ruby red, blue, and olive drab
G11 $5 - natural green
Carbon fiber $25
Todd Combs micarta $10 - blue and black layers
Todd Combs melon, glow-in-the-dark, burlap micarta $20


Drilling and tapping for pocket clips - $10

Bolsters - $15

Kershaw Offset in snakewood                                                                                    ZT 0350 in scalloped G10

Emerson CQC-7 with compound regrind and stabilized oak scales with black paper micarta bolsters

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