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Shaving Brushes

I have recently started learning the craft of woodturning. This allows me to make my own shaving brush handles. I am making the handles in a variety of shapes and sizes. The shapes are determined by the grain characteristics of the wood; as a result, each handle is different and "fits" with the wood used.

I am using a variety of natural hair knots to finish the brushes. As a straight shaver, I understand that there is no "perfect" brush for every shave. Sometimes I want a big, luxurious silvertip brush; other times a stiff boar brush in combination with a hard soap.

I will be putting brushes in the "Available" section from time to time. If you have an idea for a custom brush, don't hesitate to contact me.

Stabilized Wood

I just got my first batch of wood back from stabilization. These blocks were treated by Jim Clow and turned out really well. They took up a lot of resin, and most of the woods are now more dense than water. I rough-sanded and photographed most of the batch. Prices on these blocks range from $20 to $50.

From left to right: Lacewood (roupala braziliensis), Pacific yew (taxus brevifolia), jarrah burl (eucalyptus marginata), quilted sapele (entandrophragma braziliensis), hard redwood burl (sequoia sempervirens), dark-colored amboyna burl (pterocarpus indicus), curly maple (acer macrophylum), thuya burl (tetraclinis articulata), curly koa (acacia koa), light-colored amboyna   Bottom Row: dark amboyna with sapwood, quilted maple (acer macrophylum), European brown oak crotch (quercus robur) 

Jarrah burl, thuya burl, hard redwood burl, curly koa

European brown oak crotch, sapele, lace redwood burl (1/4" thick bookmatched slabs)


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