Update, June 2012: I’m moving to a new shop in uptown Butte. Please bear with me as I remodel and get everything set up. I am looking to be back up and making blades by the beginning of August.

About Me

I specialize in making small wood boxes, custom blades, and aftermarket knife modifications. I enjoy doing interesting work with nice materials. When I’m not in the shop I’m usually out climbing something.

I get a lot of joy from seeing a box take shape on the workbench. I never know exactly how each box will look until it’s complete. I try not to limit myself in terms of materials or techniques; anything interesting goes. I treat my boxes more as sculptures than as constructions. I start with a single idea or a piece of wood, and let the design flow from there. The result is something truly unique that I can be proud of.

I started making and modifying knives as a way to use small pieces of leftover lumber. It has since turned into a craft of its own. While I have made a few prototype knives from scratch, most of my knife work is on production models. I take pride in my ability to improve a knife by making a handle that fits the user; in style and in hand. A good knife is a tool you will enjoy using everyday. My job is to create great blades and make your current favorites even better.

Feel free to browse the photos on this website. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.