Boxmaking can be a very fulfilling craft. There is a great deal of freedom in designing and building a box. Their small size helps them from being too overwhelming, and design constraints are minimal. This allows me to make almost anything I can imagine. I often come up with an idea as I’m drifting asleep. This usually means I end up staying awake all night getting my ideas on paper, fearing I’ll forget it if I doze off.

I perdominantly use wood in the construction of my boxes. This is due to a combination of beauty and ease-of-working that is unique to timber. I always keep an eye out for a board or block that is particularly special. A unique piece of lumber is sometimes all the inspiration I need. I also incorporate other materials into my designs; metal, synthetics, and other organic materials can all contribute to the perfect finished box.

If you’re interested in having a box made for you or a friend, please contact me.

Cufflink box in koa, curly maple, African blackwood and sapele

Cufflink box closeup

“Equinox” in mesquite, masur birch, jatoba, tagua nut, and ebony

“Maguro” in pink ivory, ebony, and curly maple.

Honduras rosewood, maple, ebony, pre-ban ivory